Hello! I’m Francho Lazaro Aznar, a photography enthusiast and visual storyteller specializing in weddings.

My approach combines the essence of photojournalism with the magic of both analog and digital photography. To me, photography is more than just static images; it’s a way to capture moments and emotions that will last a lifetime.

My approach to weddings is as unobtrusive as it is immersive. I love immersing myself in each celebration as if I were a guest, even concealing my camera to capture authentic and spontaneous moments. The magic lies in those natural instants that vanish in the blink of an eye, and my goal is to seize them so you can relive them time and time again.

My passion for documentary photography drives me to tell stories through images. I’m captivated by portraying people in their natural environments and narrating their unique experiences. I enjoy getting close to people, listening to their stories, and discovering what makes them unique. My personal project, www.projectegole.es, is a showcase of my love for analog photography and the ability of 120mm film to breathe life into moments with a timeless aesthetic.

At weddings, my trusted companions are my Leica and my Pentax 67. With these two cameras, I find immense joy in capturing moments that will be etched in couples’ memories forever. I believe in authenticity and the beauty of real moments, and my goal is to create images that tell your story in the most genuine and emotional way possible.

I’m excited to be part of your special day and to capture moments you’ll cherish forever. If you’re seeking a personalized approach and an artistic touch in your wedding photography, you’re in the right place. I look forward to getting to know you and bearing witness to your story!

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